Smart products, smarter brands.

Transform your product into a channel to engage, acquire and retain customers on the world's most advanced Phygital infrastructure.

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Transform products into digital platforms

A whole new way to engage

Making your product smart ensures you thrive in the new digital era and establish a scalable direct-to-consumer strategy.

Deliver the best CX

Make every moment personal, every engagement shoppable through a connected product experience your customers are going to love.

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Reimagine customer experience every step of the way

  • Contextual experiences

    Deliver experiences that are contextual to the position of the customer in the product lifecycle.

  • Turn customers to loyal fans

    Leverage our CX platform OS to boost loyalty and retention with a end-to-end customer experience.

Customer experience OS

Drive any engagement objective with customer experiences built for products

Consumer engagement

Provide an interactive connected product experience that converts content into sales at POC or post-purchase. Access a suite of customer experience solutions that amplifies your customer's experience every time they interact with your product.

Brand protection

TruePixel is a product authentication solution that protects your brand and customers by providing real-time alerts and increased visibility. TruePixel is app-free and offers customers a simple, captcha-like experience for authenticating your products.

Customer insights

Gain an in-depth understanding of your customer's needs through our engaging and interactive experiences, identify trends before they emerge, make informed business decisions that guide product innovation, retention and growth.

Contextual commerce

Empower your customers to order a product exactly when needed and the fastest way possible. Discover Re-load: a contextual commerce experience that turns every product into a revenue-generating opportunity.

Experience builder

Go from objective to live CX in 60 mins

CX Studio is the world’s most intuitive, simple-to-use customer experience builder. Deliver world class customer experience faster and for a fraction of the cost.

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0% Coding, 100% customizable

CX studio empowers anyone to create and manage product-centric CX with zero technical skills.

Your brand, your experience

Access-rich components and a huge media library, upload brand media, colour pallet, and fonts to deliver on brand CX.

Speak your customer's language

Serve rich localized CX in the user’s native language across any market.

InSight cloud platform

Comprehensive data analysis

Drive your business intelligence to the next level by collecting direct insights and engagement metrics.

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InSight cloud platform

Campaign management

Deliver personalized, contextual customer experiences dynamically using InSight campaign management and rule engine

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