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What is a Digital Product Passport?

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) initiative revolutionizes access to product lifecycle information for consumers and stakeholders. By embedding NFC tags or QR codes in products, the DPP provides comprehensive insights along the value chain, enhancing transparency and understanding. This secure, smartphone-accessible digital interface, or Digital Twin, facilitates direct brand-consumer interactions and delivers exclusive information and content

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From data carriers to data analysis

ProQure provides a comprehensive technology infrastructure and expert support to simplify and accelerate your Digital Product Passport (DPP) program

Our proprietary data carriers, combined with our IoT and digital press network, ensure secured, integrated, and simple management of your digital IDs

Our customer experience OS empowers you to accelerate, automate, and easily manage your Digital Product Passport (DPP) program, while eliminating the costs and time associated with research and development

From engagement to application-specific data, our IoT cloud offers the most comprehensive yet simple-to-use product data management capabilities

The key to successful Digital Product Passport (DPP) management is setting the right foundation

Our technology provides an adaptable environment that empowers your business with the flexibility to meet compliance simply and progressively, while responding to changes as they arise

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Gradually increase compliance in a manner that aligns with the needs of your business and KPI’S


All-in-one, redefined

Our proprietary NFC tag-to-cloud technology and security marker, TruePixel, serve as a gateway to a world of digital experiences and data insights.

NFC Chip


From tag to cloud

ProQure's proprietary tag-to-cloud technology integrates your entire Digital Product Passport (DPP) program into a single, unclonable NFC data carrier

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Consumers will enjoy instant and secure access to a mobile-centric digital experience without the need to download an app

One chip does it all

ProQure's proprietary tag-to-cloud solution provides a secure end-to-end turnkey solution for the DPP program at the most competitive cost

Unclonable security

The PQ201-S NFC tag features a tag-to-cloud security protocol with a (PUF) Physical Unclonable Function

TruePixel is a branded security layer consumers can recognise and trust

This sophisticated authentication system incorporates a serialized QR code and a secure symbol called TruePixel. This combination provides an intuitive authentication experience similar to CAPTCHA, seamlessly aligning with your brand DNA and product

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Consumers will enjoy instant and secure access to a mobile-centric digital experience without the need to download an app

Low cost

TruePixel is an integrated solution for digitally printed packaging, streamlining the management and deployment of secure IDs at production speed and low cost

Unmatched Security

The solution boasts a high threshold security level, granting access to valuable insights such as fraud alerts, product diversion detection, and crowd-sourced reporting.


Built to impress, designed for change

Our composable customer experience OS gives your business the flexibility to update content dynamically and drive both compliance and promotional objectives seamlessly

Design for change

Update and publish content within minutes using What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) app editor

Control your own DPP timeline

Our CX builder allows for incremental compliance increases without making changes to your core application

App-free, frictionless CX

Provide consumers with personalized, friction-free access to digital content using our app-free technology infrastructure

Customisable and composable CX

Drive meaningful engagement with the world's most intuitive CX OS. Create, link, and add components dynamically to meet your marketing and brand objectives


Transform your Digital Product Passport into a growth engine

Transform compliance into an opportunity with the market's most extensive CX infrastructure. Achieve marketing objectives from e-commerce to promotions while elevating customer experience and driving instant brand value

Utility applications
Market insights
Consumer engagement

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The pilot program offers your brand a seamless initiation into the Digital Passport Program, covering all primary aspects. By its conclusion, your brand will possess a polished MVP and the organizational knowledge base for adopting the DPP. Being an early adopter mitigates risks, unlocks growth, and minimizes interference with business operations.

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