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How do I print the QR Codes?
Once you have designed and created your QR codes, you can download the QR codes in your desired format. Then, you can print them or send them to your digital printer provider to integrate them into your product logo or packaging.
Yes, there is. Dynamic QR codes can be edited at any time (both function and content) and as many times as wanted even after being printed. Static QR codes cannot. This is a dramatic difference when considering a Phygital strategy. From content, stats and analytics, to security and e-commerce functions. Dynamic QR codes provide you with a full range of contextual experiences, a real 1:1 engagement, and rapid flexibility to modify and change.
Our QR Code generator provides you with advanced tools to customise your QR Code. You can apply different shapes and colours, add your brand logo, and more.
QR Code is a "Quick Response" Code. It allows for easy access to different information through a mobile device.
A smart product embeds a visible "call for action" on its packaging. It is highly advised to have a very clear "call for action" and to position it in a highly visible and strategic place on the product packaging. A well-executed deployment of the "call for action" significantly improves the engagement rate and consequently the expected outcome that is measured as conversion rate.
In general, both iPhone and Android mobile devices support NFC.

For a complete list of compatible devices (both iOS and Android), please refer to the following guide (
NFC (Near Field Communication) is a contactless communication technology operating over a Radio Frequency (RF). Unlike RFID, NFC is a passive technology that does not require an internal power source to function. The most common NFC form is a small and flexible sticker.

From a user perspective, the NFC works when a user's phone is within close proximity range from it (typically, >2cm or one inch). NFC corresponds with both iPhone and Android devices.

For more information on NFC please refer to the NFC Forum (
Our InSight platform provides a comprehensive data dashboard with various reports and stats related to your campaigns, all types of product engagements, alerts (if applicable), and Experience analytics.

In addition, reports and data can be extracted as CSV files.
Phygital is the concept of using technology to bridge the digital world with the physical world with the purpose of providing contextual interactive experiences for consumers
All physical products can become smart products. Contactless technologies such as NFC tags or dynamic QR codes can be integrated as an extension of your product packaging.

Your digitised products become new touchpoints for communication and marketing that are activated by customers as they engage with the products through a simple scan or tap of their phones.
No app download is required. A simple tap or scan on the smart label will launch the experience.
The experiences are built on (PWA) technology which looks and feels like a mobile app but does not require the user to download an app or sign in to engage.
COVID-19 has elevated an exponential demand for and adoption of contactless technologies making them the new norm of communication and engagement.

In addition, third-party cookies are becoming obsolete and new data privacy legislation creates additional pressure on brand marketers to discover ways to acquire quality data that will allow them to connect with consumers in a meaningful way.

These dynamics triggered forward-thinking brands to look for a brand-owned marketing channel that amplifies customers’ journeys and creates new measurable value.
Experiences are dynamic and contextual information that is displayed once a smart product has been interacted with.

ProQure developed a stack of world-class product-centric Experiences and the most intuitive Consumer Experience builder (CX Studio). It requires zero coding or technical skills and it is 100% customisable.

Our SeeX Studio empowers marketers to create, manage and deliver brand customised Experiences while reducing 95% of the time and cost associated with CX management.
Our customer experience templates are goal-driven, product-centric, mobile-optimised, and fully customisable.

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