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The world's first brand-generated authentication symbol

TruePixel help brands protect their product integrity by embedding a branded security layer consumers can recognise and trust.

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Why TruePixel is the choice for you

TruePixel is a product authentication solution that offers a live security layer reflecting a brand's unique identity. It enables consumers to authenticate products easily and securely. TruePixel is a cost-effective solution easily integrated with any digital printing process

Security & Alerts

The solution has a high threshold security level, providing access to meaningful insights, including fraud alerts, product diversion and crowd-sourced reporting.


TruePixel is the most cost-effective multi-factor authentication solution designed to protect the integrity of quality products at any scale.


TruePixel does not require the common download of native apps and provides consumers instant access to intuitive authentication and brand experience.

On-brand CX

Every symbol is designed to be an extension of the product and brand, making it simple for consumers to recognize and trust.



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BRAND NAME Doja Exclusive
INDUSTRY Premium Cannabis

“Doja Exclusive is a highly renowned cannabis brand in California. It's trendy among celebrities and street culture, making it an attractive target for counterfeiters.
TruePixel offers Doja customers a safe and reliable way to purchase the product, ensuring a consistent and authentic product experience while safeguarding the brand's reputation.”

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Deliver a seamless product authentication experience

Scan the smart label

To launch the authentication experience, the consumer simply scans the serialized QR code located next to the authentication symbol - without the need for any app download

Match the symbol

The consumer matches the symbol on the package with one of the four options on the screen to verify the product's authenticity

Enjoy a contextual experience

After the consumer's product is authenticated, they are directed to a branded customer experience that delivers a memorable and exciting "Phygital" experience


Get real-time alerts and insights on any suspicious scan activity

If our algorithm identifies any suspicious scanning activities, our system will immediately alert you. This will enable you to take prompt and effective measures to protect your brand and your customers

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